Tennessee Fiddle Ensemble

Jim Wood : Director

Where does music come from? Why does it spring up, even in the most rural and isolated regions, from people armed with only a great desire to perfect music that is remembered forever? Jim Wood knows.  He has spent a lifetime studying the answers to these questions. This fiddler cut his teeth on the old-time music of his hometown of Fairview, Tennessee where his father, championship guitarist Jimmy Wood, was heavily involved in the local grassroots musical scene.  He has learned his style from the great performers from Hickman County, among them Ernest Ferguson, Howdy Forrester, Clebert Warren and more. He also tells of Billy Brewer, a fiddler from Lyles, who worked extensively with Music City Bluegrass from the early 70s through the 80s.  They were the most successful band on the fiddlers’ convention circuit for two solid decades. Jim not only listened and learned from these old timers, he keeps it going on.  When you visit with Jim, you hear the voice of countless musicians, their passion for music, the history of the styles native and unique to this region, and you see in him the continuation of all this.

Jim currently directs the TN Fiddle Ensemble bringing together the talent of John Boulware, Inge Wood, and Ben Ayers, also famed for their talent and skill. Amongst them they hold over 35 championships and medals in their art.

 This is an event to attend. Grinders Switch Foundation is proud to present this experience with these Musical Champions. See Jim Wood and the TN Fiddle Ensemble April 30, 2016 at East Hickman High School Auditorium, in Lyles, TN at 7pm.