Halloween Haunts

Annually the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce hosts one of the only Halloween parades in the state of Tennessee with over 35 floats every year. During that time over 2000 children and adults alike fill the Centerville Square to participate. The businesses on the Centerville Square also give candy to the ghosts and goblins that roam the square.

This year Grinders Switch Foundation will add to the hauntings with Spider! a walk through the dark dwelling of arachnid world. With performances, set design and technical prowess of Clay Harris this event will surely take your breath away and tingle your Halloween sense. Unforgettable! Spider! will run October 17-31, 2013 at Molly’s Place the basement space below the old Opera House store that was built in 1902…come see…if you dare…

 Come on and check us out. Stayed tuned for the date of our next parade!

Hickman County Chamber of Commerce