Grinders Switch Foundation (GSF) was created in 2005 as a means to promote and preserve the history, art, music, and culture of Hickman County.

GSF worked to raise funds for the creation of a museum to display memorabilia of Minnie Pearl, Beth Slater Whitson, and several other local artists. GSF worked with the Hickman County Arts & Crafts Guild, the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce, the Hickman County Historical Society, and the Hickman County Tourism Association on this endeavor.

Together, these entities renovated an empty storefront on the Centerville Square for the museum, the Chamber's office, and a musical performance area. We facilitated the creation of the Grinders Switch Hour, a live country music radio broadcast which airs every Saturday morning from the museum.  GSF has continued its association with the Chamber by designing brochures and developing promotions for local events.  In addition, GSF raises funds for the many facets of art within the community through arts projects.

In 2011, GSF was reorganized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization which allows the foundation to provide the following services: administrative, accounting, fundraising, and grant-writing for grass roots arts organizations.